Andrew Johnson mAMH. mBANT. NTCC. CNHC. Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist

About me

My early life

I was born in the village of Butleigh near Glastonbury in 1956, and went to school in the nearby town of Street. I later trained for three years in Art, Graphics & Design at Somerset College of Arts & Technology in Taunton but after completeing this I was disallusioned with the world of advertsing and package design and I felt like I wanted to do something more to help people. So, I started to work as a volunteer for the local Social Services dept and then went on to do further training in residential social work and a job with a local charity that helped who helped the homeless. I then moved to London and worked for a charity that specialised in helping people with addiction problems.

How I became interested in health and complementary therapies

I was what some people called a 'sickly child' that suffered from recurrent sinus and ear infections, tonsilitus and chronic catarrh. Later on as a teenager I also developed eczema, migraines and acne. Although conventional medicine helped control my infections it never offered an explanation or answer for my problems so as I become an older teenager I started to investigate other ways of helping myself. I explored through reading and talking to people who had some knowledge of diet and naturopathic techniques what could help me. I found the most benefit from changing my diet, food intolerance testing and herbs which together seemed to pretty much clear up all my symptoms.

After practising social work for about four years I started to experience fatigue and had a return of migraines and eczema. I decided at this stage that I needed a break from the stressful work I was doing in London and got a job working for social work agency in Southern India. After being in India for a while however I contracted dysentery and also suffered from a high fever. It was during this time that I discovered Ayurveda the traditional healing system of India. It helped me recover from these symptoms although I also had to take some medical drugs to help clear the dysentery. This left me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), so I had to give up my work and decided to travel for a while around India instead. I visited several spiritual centres, ashrams and yoga centres in India whilst working on my health.

My training in complementary therapies

On returning to the UK I decided to to train with the College of Dietary Therapy with Dr Lawrence Plaskett and Barbara Wren. At the same time I opened a health food shop in Tiverton, Devon and also started training as a homeopath. After a year a gave up the homeopathic training but I completed my Dietary Therapy Diploma in 1984. Whilst doing this training I also worked on myself and again and most of my symptoms cleared up again. This was really the start and since then I have continued to train, including in herbal medicine (qualifying as a Master herbalist), Iridology and in Kinesiology, also in Ayurveda, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and several other therapies. I still continue to be fascinated by this area and attend regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) coures every year.

My approach

I value of a holistic approach and have learned a range of skills that allow me to work in this way. I beleive health and other problems are often complex and can for example be partly emotional, partly physical or partly due to influences of the environment. Due to this I use an integrated approach calling upon a range of therapies and also sometimes recommending the help from other practitioners.

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