Andrew Johnson mAMH. mBANT. NTCC. CNHC. Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist

  Glastonbury Natural Centre, 1 Hanover Square, Silver St, Glastonbury, BA6 8BT 01458 833382

How I work

Initial free chat:

To begin I offer a free ten-minute chat by phone to discuss if what you are seeking is likely to be within the boundaries of my work. Phone my office to book a time for a free chat 01458 833382, if you do not get through directly leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Once you have made an appointment for the first consultation I will send you a questionnaire. The questionnaire is quite lengthy but it is essential to help assess your needs and it saves time during the consultation to concentrate on other important areas.

The first consultation:
This lasts between one and a two hours. During this consultation I will normally go through a series of assessment and testing procedures to build up a picture of your condition and needs. These will be combined with the findings from the nutritional questionnaire. A case history will be taken and I will as much as time permits explain these procedures and the results as we go through them. A report with recommendations will be sent to you after the consultation - see below. I may also recommend additional laboratory functional and or nutritional tests or recommend you ask your GP for further diagnosis. It is important that your first consultation is always in-person rather than done by phone. This appointment includes up to five minutes of follow-up time by phone or email.

NB. Please bring your diary to consultations to book a further appointment in advance otherwise I may not be available when you need to talk to me.

Your programme report: I will usually send this within three working days following your consultation. It will normally include recommendations on food, supplements and or herbs, and also other recommendations as part of a holistic approach. It will also include practical information such as where to get the supplements or herbs recommended and details of further tests.

Follow up consultations: Having regular contact works better so we usually book an appointment in advance for a short follow up phone or email consultation 7 to 14 days after your first appointment. I also usually recommended your initial programme is followed for 4 to 6 weeks before reviewing your progress and needs with another appointment. This is ideally in person but it can be done via telephone if needed. The longest that it is usually feasible to have between face to face consultations is 12 weeks.
During follow up consultations some of the tests and assessment techniques used during the first consultation are normally repeated to assess your needs and progress. The phone and face-to-face follow up consultations allow time for you to ask questions, to clarify and discuss any aspects of your programme you need help with. The results of any additional lab or other tests will also be discussed (copies of test results will be sent to you), and further recommendations may be given. Your programme will be updated as you progress, and at a pace that suits you - a new updated report will be sent. Up to 5 minutes of follow-up phone or email support time after the consultation is included in the fee.

Please bring your diary to consultations to book a further appointment in advance otherwise I may not be available when you need to talk to me.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): There can be a need for emotional or psychological support when making therapeutic changes, and EFT can be very helpful with this. EFT works with emotional and psychological issues through the energy body system of the meridians (as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine). These sessions can also support you with any emotional and psychological difficulties that may be hindering your progress with changes in eating, lifestyle issues, addictions or cravings etc. They are best done separately from the usual consultations, after having a few EFT consultations you can often continue to practice EFT for yourself. An EFT session usually takes up to an hour. They are best done in-person but can be by phone or better still by using webcam and skype. See the section on EFT under therapies on this website.

Workshops and courses: There is also the option of attending various workshops and courses designed to deepen understanding and support your progress. Please ask if interested.
Clinic days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and also one Saturday a month.

Consultancy Fees

Clinic phone 01458 833382, this is also the number to use for phone consultations, making appointments or ordering herbal mixtures.
Clinic email: and this can be used for appointments and ordering herbal mixtures.
My email:

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