Andrew Johnson mAMH. mBANT. NTCC. CNHC. Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist

How have you trained to use kinesiology?

I qualified as a Touch For Health (Balanced Health) Instructor with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in 1987 and have also trained in Bio-Kinesiology, Educational and Emotional Kinesiology. I have also attended numerous workshops and seminars with Chris Astill-Smith D.O. (formerly of Metabolics Ltd) on Functional Kinesiology, and attended workshops with the School of Energy Awareness which has deepened my use of kinesiology in other ways. I also use the kinesiology techniques pioneered by the psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkings.
Ref. ‘Power Vs. Force’ by Dr. David Hawkings, is the book that introduces the findings of this psychiatrists work using kinesiology on testing unconscious emotions in people.

How do you use kinesiology?
I mainly use it to complement my work as a nutritional therapist and herbalist. I like to use kinesiology as part of a combination of assessment methods including analysis of the questionnaire, iridology (using the irises of the eyes) and traditional techniques such as pulse taking and tongue reading (as used in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda), and also nutritional and functional laboratory testing. I also like to consider the results of any previous medical tests and may recommend you consult your GP for further diagnosis. I find it useful to compare the information from a range of sources in this way rather than rely upon just one method. I also use EFT to support people with emotional and psychological issues.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
I have also completed the EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) level 1 and 2 workshops. EFT is a system of 'Energy Psychology' that was developed from kinesiology. For more information have a look at the webiste EFT Universe:

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